Hi there! We're so glad you're here. Fundraising is one of our four main income sources for the Band Boosters.  Without our fundraising efforts, we would be unable to provide a high-quality experience for Raider Band.  For the 2021-2022 school year, we plan to raise $70,000 via multiple fundraising avenues.  This includes Sponsorships, Crowdfunding/No Hassle Fundraiser, Mattress Sale, Mulch Sale, Raffle and other opportunities. 

We welcome all volunteers to help us with our Fundraising Programs.  Some programs happen all year long (Sponsorships) and others are confined to a few weeks (Mulch Sale).  Getting involved in one of these programs is a great way to introduce yourself to the Booster organization.

If you'd like to assist with any of these programs or have other fundraising ideas, please contact our Fundraising Chair at fundraising@crhsraiderband.org

2021 - 2022 Fundraising Committee

Mandy Hernandez, Fundraising Chair (Email)

All year Sponsorships Open/Mandy Hernandez
All year Spirit Wear Mandy Masters
All year Spirit Nights Jeff Otchis
Aug-Sept Boost Blitz Crowd Funding Open/Mandy Hernandez
Oct Sherwood Forest Farms Wreaths Open/Mandy Hernandez
Spring Mattress Sale Open/Mandy Hernandez
Spring  Golf Tournament/Auction Golf OPEN/Auction Mandy Hernandez
Spring  Mulch Sale Open/Mandy Hernandez